Buy and Sell Bitcoins in Canary Islands

Bitcoin trading transactions in the Canary Islands

Purchase-sale (or Trading) in cash, bank transfer or bitcoin credit card in person

Our bitcoins trading service in the Canary Islands allows you to carry out operations with your cryptocurrency in a personal way with our team, a system we call «Human Cashier», similar to when you go to a traditional bank and a cashier attends you. We will assist you privately and individually to make your purchases of bitcoins or change the ones you already have for cash or bank transfer, all with the greatest privacy and preserving your identity in the terms set by the Law.

Buy and sell

You can make purchase transactions in cash, by card or transfers as well as sell your bitcoins and pay them in cash or bank transfer.

Personal counselling

The purchase or sale of your bitcoins is done person by person, so you will have our advice.

Only by mobile wallet of your smartphone

You only need to have your phone with your bitcoins wallet to carry out any purchase or sale transaction with our «human cashier».

Private purchase

You will not need to identify yourself to buy or sell bitcoin when the amounts are less than €1,000.

Buy or sell without moving

You can make your purchases or sales of bitcoin without having to move from your home. We can process the trading transactions electronically by bank transfer anywhere in the world.


Individuals in Spain | Companies resident and not resident in Spain

Up to €2,500: Cash, bank transfer or credit card*
More than € 2,500: Bank transfer or credit card*
*Credit card available only purchase operations

Individuals not resident in Spain

Up to € 15,000: Cash or bank transfer

Minimum amount



Up to 1000€ without identification
More than € 1000 is required ID / passport



M – F 9:00 to 19:00
S 9:00 to 13:00

+34 637426649


C/ Doctor Juan Domínguez Pérez, 81 – Pol. Ind. El Sebabal
35008 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Las Palmas

Servicio a domicilio
+34 637426649

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